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I've tried searching it but I haven't found anyone mentioning it, so sorry if this has already been asked.
The thing is: I'm trying to put pronouns in my OBS chat. I know how to put pronouns in browser using the Alejo extension, but now I'm trying to put that same extension in the chat custom dock I have set up in OBS.
My version is the 27.1.3-modified in Ubuntu 20.04, and whenever I think I've found a YT video or a tutorial in OBS studio (not in SLOBS) they tell me to install *another* extension in browser called FrankerFaceZ and BTTV and then in OBS go to Settings > Stream > Chat add-ons (or smth like that). Instead, when I go to Settings > Stream I only find your typical Service-Server-Stream Key and the "ignore streaming service setting recommendations" box.
Anyway, I was just trying to know if I was missing something and my version of OBS Studio *can* have the whole "chat add-ons" thing and, if that's the case, how can I enable it.