obs 27.1.3

  1. ktvtv

    feel so disappointed about the new version i cant copy facebook key

    feel so disappointed about the new version i cant copy facebook key
  2. B

    OBS recording lags after Windows 10 reinstallation

    I just reinstalled windows because I had a new SSD so I needed to consolidate the partition on the old drive. after installing OBS (27.1.3) there seems to be a huge lag noticeable when recording and immediately when you view what is being recorded via thee preview screen. Again I have recorded...
  3. B

    OBS black screening or freeze framing most of the time. (Escape From Tarkov)

    I've been trying to find a solution to this problem for about a month now, I am not very good with these things but I've tested a few things. Here is everything I know about my issue; my issue is that OBS will sometimes work and sometimes freeze-frame on the first image I see of the game(loading...
  4. Citflux

    OBS GPU Spikes on certain games

    Hi, So I've been looking through a lot of forums for answers and haven't seem to have found what I'm looking for. I have a few games (Hunt showdown, star citizen, dead by daylight) that will not use 100% of my GPU but sometimes I will get a stutter that will appear to be a slow down followed by...
  5. S

    help! When trying to set up audio from discord to obs, it only makes a weird squeaking noise.

    so obs is up to date, and discord and my soundboard (ableton) are in the same audio output (multi output device). i can hear everything that comes from ableton just fine, but the discord audio is super distorted. It happens when ableton is closed and the audios are separate, but no matter what...
  6. StefiStarlite

    OBS Process Launches in Task Manager but Inaccessible After 2060 Installation

    Good afternoon all, I'm new to the forums, so I apologize in advance if I miss any details in my troubleshooting endeavor. Short Version: After installing my newly acquired ASUS RTX 2060 GPU and installing adequate drivers, I'm unable to use OBS 27.1.3 at all. Long Version: I'd been running...
  7. D

    OBS add-ons

    I've tried searching it but I haven't found anyone mentioning it, so sorry if this has already been asked. The thing is: I'm trying to put pronouns in my OBS chat. I know how to put pronouns in browser using the Alejo extension, but now I'm trying to put that same extension in the chat custom...
  8. O

    Issue with Track matte in OBS 27.1.3 on Monterey 12.0.1 macOS

    Issue with Track matte in OBS in preview, you see transition incorrect view here video+track matte https://dropmefiles.com/qxic2
  9. D

    Hardware Acceleration makes OBS Crash

    Hi, I've been having this issue for months where I will be streaming using hardware acceleration, and then the stream will randomly crash, but OBS stays open, showing 0 kb/s. When trying to stop streaming via OBS, OBS itself will crash. When the program closes, I have to go into task manager to...
  10. paradigmaa

    obb has crashed would you like to copy.....

    i did install this on my laptop. and it crashed the moment i open it. i thought it was probably because my windows 10 isnt up to date, so i update it to the lastest version and it still crashed, so i'm not sure what to do
  11. L

    Random scenes pop up during later scene transitions

    I have uploaded a stinger transition that is a 5 second long WEBM file and set the Transition Point Time to 3000 milliseconds. The first few transitions go as expected but then a scene that was previously selected seems to pop up just before the new scene fades in. Video showing the problem...