OBS black screening or freeze framing most of the time. (Escape From Tarkov)


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I've been trying to find a solution to this problem for about a month now, I am not very good with these things but I've tested a few things. Here is everything I know about my issue; my issue is that OBS will sometimes work and sometimes freeze-frame on the first image I see of the game(loading screens, main menu, my stash), the only time it works is when I switch the game capture to something else and then back and reset the game a few times till it works. This usually takes multiple attempts and a decent bit of time. I am running OBS as an admin, it is capturing my Display just fine when I tab into it, but the game capture won't work with Tarkovmost of the time, but it still captures my mouse moving in-game and the audio. Other games don't seem to have the same issue. My OBS logs are Attached to this post.


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