Question / Help OBS acting fine but stream has cut out!


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Hay guys,

So my issue is as follows, OBS is running smoothly on both PC's.. I run an NDI setup without a capture card but my stream cuts out with no warning... The only reason I find out is because I run the stream on my TV to check quality and see that I'm suddenly not live. I then hit stop streaming on OBS and the button jams on 'stopping stream'... I've tried reinstalling with no fix. As i said before... OBS is acting fine... even after it's cut out.. it says I'm live with 0 dropped frames and I have 0 network issues (as far as I am aware, I have a nutty good internet but then.. I don't know much when it comes to network)

Any ideas on what my issue could be? :)
I'm welcome to any ideas, pretty desperate here.. I've dealt with stream/obs issues before and have got quite handy at fixing them.... till this bugger of a problem turned up :'(

Many thanks to anyone with ideas <3


1st logfile is the data from just after I restarted my stream after having the issue, the 2nd logfile is prior to the 1st.. if that makes sense ^^


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I have updated my windows in the hope of fixing this issue... will update after next stream tonight <3