Question / Help OBS 23.0.1 - Huge Recording Files


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Hey guys!

I wanted to come here with something I've been experiencing with the new OBS. For some reason, my stream recording files have been ginormous. I've tried with both FLV and MP4. If I go into the properties of the video, it will state that the video is 9 hours long when my stream is only 3 hours long. My last 3 hour stream was recorded as over 64 GBs. Usually my 3 hour streams come in under 10GBs. I'm only recording in the "High Quality" which I've done before and the files have never been this big. I would show my last stream archive, but I had to delete it because it took up the rest of the space on my computer.

I don't know if it will help, but here is my last log: