Bug Report no sound when oppening OBS


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Hello, I have a huge problem... not that huge but it's annoying.

Every time I open OBS, my computer mute himself. The sound come back only when I close OBS. I tryed to open a window after, berfore oppening OBS, looking in the options of OBS and windows, etc., nothing work.

can someone here help me please? thanks


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Probably, you have a bluetooth headset connected. When you start OBS, it opens all audio devices configured in Settings->Audio, including the mic. When a standard bluetooth headset mic is initialized, it switches the headset from audio/music mode to a lower quality "hands free" voice communications mode. While doing this switch, it activates a different Windows audio device and makes itself the default audio device. At this moment it seems your Windows sound goes quiet.

You can do 2 different things:
1. in OBS settings->Audio you set the Mic/Aux that refers to your headset to disabled. It's probably the one listed as "default".
2. if you need Mic access while OBS is running, go to the Windows sound mixer and reconfigure the default sound output to where you want your audio go. While the headset is in "hands free" voip mode, it's probably wise to set the default sound output to some external speakers, because the sound quality in hands free mode is very low.