Question / Help No Game Audio on Stream when Switching from 240p to 480i


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Hi, I have been having a issue when Streaming recently, i dont recall having this issue in the past but my last stream was a hassle, my chat informed me during my stream that i had no Game audio and when i looked at OBS it seemed to be running the audio fine thru my Capture card, i had to close OBS and reset my stream to fix the issue but that is not a great way to stream since it happens almost everytime my game (Resident Evil on Sega Saturn) switches resolution to 480i which happens everytime you die and or return to the main menu, has anyone else encountered this issue and is there possibly a fix for this?

my setup:

Sega Saturn Via RGB Scart

Otaku Scartbox

OSSC upscaler

AverMedia Live Gamer HD PCie Capture Card Via Hdmi