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    Experiencing EXTREME LAG while recording Resident Evil 8: Village, and only RE8: Village

    This has been an ongoing issue for months. About 4 or 5 actually. It has completely halted my channel and my ability to finish recording the series. I'm able to record any other game just fine with the same OBS settings. I'm able to stream on both YouTube & Twitch just fine with no issues. The...
  2. A

    Question / Help fps drop/lag, bad quality recorded RE3 gameplay. Help???

    Hello, hope someone can help me out with this issue. One of my hobbies is to upload videos on youtube. I'm using obs for the recordings and vegas for the editing. The settings I always used are the following (OBS version 20.0.1): "output mode: simple recording quality: indinstinguishable quality...
  3. U

    Question / Help No Game Audio on Stream when Switching from 240p to 480i

    Hi, I have been having a issue when Streaming recently, i dont recall having this issue in the past but my last stream was a hassle, my chat informed me during my stream that i had no Game audio and when i looked at OBS it seemed to be running the audio fine thru my Capture card, i had to close...
  4. Peterson

    Question / Help OBS studio giving fps drops in Resident Evil 4 UHD

    I fix the problem of the lag in game just activating the v-sync in games, but RE4 UHD already locks the fps at 60, is not variable and the game is droping fps giving me slow motion in some points, is this a way to fix this in OBS Studio? heres a video showing the issue...