Question / Help fps drop/lag, bad quality recorded RE3 gameplay. Help???


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Hello, hope someone can help me out with this issue.
One of my hobbies is to upload videos on youtube. I'm using obs for the recordings and vegas for the editing. The settings I always used are the following (OBS version 20.0.1):
"output mode: simple
recording quality: indinstinguishable quality
recording format: mp4
encoder: software x264 low cpu usage preset"

No matter the game I played, most of the time I used these settings, mp4 1080p 60fps, and the results were good enough.
Then RE3 remake came out and I wanted to record it, but suddenly these settings are no more good (at least for this game specifically).
I tried different bitrates, used nvidia nvech instead of x264, tried recording with CBR, CQP, VBR but the result is pretty much the same in every case. The video is laggy or with fps drops. Sometimes the entire recording is like this, other times parts of the gameplay are good but suddenly theres a cutscene or some action/fast movements in the game and the video starts to look like crap again.
I tried various combinations but nothing worked, no matter the bitrate or the rate control I choose.
The only settings that worked are with nvech and lossless, but since its a long recording the file is too huge and it has such a high bitrate that will take days to render in vegas, unless I do the rendering sacrificing a lot of video quality.
Please help me find a solution. I'm using the 25.0.1 version of OBS right now but few days back I was using the version 20.0.1.
Every game was recorded with the settings I shared above and there were no fps drops or bad quality. Why now with this game??


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Hey, I saw your post and i was having the same problem. With some tweaking I was able to resolve this, what I did was went into RE3 graphics and changed it to directx11 from of directx12, all my recording lag disappeared. So, if you haven't done that try it, and I hope that works for you as it did for me.


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I had the same problems. It really p*ssed me off, because in the initial testvideo everything went fine. But while recording material over hours I encountered heavy parts of lagginess. I even stopped using OBS and switched to NVidia Experience. Thanks for the tipp with DX11 instead of DX12, gonna try it.