No audio YouTube on android live stream


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Hi! Yesterday I was streaming with OBS on a YouTube channel and I get an audio issue that I can't understand.
This is the link of the live stream

If I open this link with a PC or a Mac or an iPhone the audio is ok, BUT if I open the link with an android I have 2 different issues: with some smartphones there is NO AUDIO, with some other smartphones there is A LOT of NOISE and it's impossible to understand what the speakers are saying.

For this stream I have this hardware:

ATEM mini linked to PC by USB-C/USB webcam output
OBS on PC Win 10, INTEL i7

Audio was sent to ATEM by an HDMI cable from the audio technician of the room

OBS audio monitor and output was active and I get no issues. Next to me there was my collegue with a Mac to supervise the stream on the YouTube channel and the audio has no issues. My smartphone, ASUS Zenfone Android 9, has NO AUDIO.

Hope somebody can help me understand what the problem was.

Thank you!!!


To me the volume of your video is rather low... so the issue might be related to the (limited) possibilities to crank up the volume on various devices.


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Same is happening here. We use ATEM TV Studio connected to a Blackmagic Intensity that sends video and audio to my Macbook Pro running OBS Studio. We're streaming to YouTube and audio is fine on computers, iPhones and also Android devices used with earphones, but is muffled or too low on some devices when no headphones are used.

We suspect this is a problem with devices that are playing mono only. Iphones have two speakers, some android devices only have one. So, it seems we have good stereo but bad mono.

Checking mono on audio mixer advanced settings didn't solve it. With that on, all devices suffered from bad audio.

Any clues as to what could be happening?


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A curious detail... sound is good on all devices when we stream a playback video, such as a music clip. But sound coming from our microphones only sounds good on stereo capable devices.