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Hi All,

After failing to connect to facebook Livestream (super slow internet connection), I did a local recording to post later when the internet was more stable. I am using the black magic UltraStudio Mini Recorder with the Yamaha AG06/AG03 audio interface and it's been working fine for both live stream and local recording. Audio Monitoring was set to 'monitor only' and there was no issue with the sound. When I watched the video, however, there's no audio.

2 questions:
1. Is there any way to retrieve the audio?
2. What happened, and how can I avoid this in the future?

The log is attached.


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If you set it to monitor only, you told it not to record sound. Monitor only mutes the output-- it specifically says so in the menu item. "Monitor Only - mute output"

If you want to record but not hear (monitor) the audio, use Output Only.

If you need to hear audio but NOT record it, use "Monitor Only".

If you want to both hear and record the track, use "Monitor and Output".


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Thanks for getting back to me! It makes perfect sense. Whoops.

Is streaming a different scenario? I often switch between 'Monitor Only' and 'Off'...both options send the audio signal no problem.

What about turning it off completely when recording, will that still send the audio?

I'm new to this - your help is much appreciated!


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No, streaming should respect the same settings in the mixer (advanced audio settings) with regards to monitor vs output, BUT streaming only outputs ONE audio track at a time. You can have multiple devices assigned to that track, but if for recording purposes you have separate devices on separate tracks for convenience while editing, you may be missing some audio.