audio loss

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    Persistent Audio Signal Loss Issue in OBS on macOS

    Hello, I would like to report an issue I am experiencing with the OBS application on macOS. I use OBS to record the system audio of my MacBook Pro with an Apple M2 Pro processor and macOS Sonoma 14.4.1 operating system. However, I have noticed a recurring abnormal behavior. The issue manifests...
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    Is it possible to recover the audio?

    Hey, I was recording something, and then it stopped because my SSD ran out of space, luckily the recording saved it in my "videos tab" but the audio is nowhere to be heard in the recording. Is it possible to recover those audio files or are they forever gone? Thanks in advance!
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    Problem regarding Audio Lines Steelseries GG

    Hello, I am currently having a problem regarding my audio lines that were recorded using OBS and Steelseries GG. When I remux them and put them in my video editing software (premiere) it shows me 3 Audio Lines, which should be 4. The first is my Microphone (Steelseries Microphone), the...
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    Audio Dropping Out

    Hello Community, First, I am new to OBS as a whole but I am also new to forums. This is the first forum I have posted to ever so forgive me if I break any etiquette. Now to the post. My church has been using OBS Studio since the Coronavirus hit. It has been a great tool for us and...
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    Question / Help No Audio on local recording

    Hi All, After failing to connect to facebook Livestream (super slow internet connection), I did a local recording to post later when the internet was more stable. I am using the black magic UltraStudio Mini Recorder with the Yamaha AG06/AG03 audio interface and it's been working fine for both...