Question / Help New to Streaming and want to make this hobby the best it can be


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Currently, I reset my whole OBS set up to try and troubleshoot problems, I've been streaming for a month now and am still having problems regarding so many different things, I keep looking up problems online and just get frustrated when I can't find any answers that can help my problem
For start here are my PC specs

Intel i9-9900k
NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti
34gbs of ram
1tb SSD

I feel like I have great specs and when I play games they can go to Max settings but my stream as of RIGHT NOW is struggling to encode
I see people say that the CPU is being over-processed but my CPU never goes above 1% usage
I just had a huge ordeal over kbps always going into the red but it seems good now
if anyone can help me with this problem I would be grateful and if you would be so kind as to assist me further by offering yourself to help guide me over something such as Discord I would be extremely joyful and full of thanks

please do let me know what you think and how you can help me