1. E

    Dropping FPS after start record

    Good day sorry for my English because I'm Czech The problem is that even if I'm set to record at 60fps So if I turn on Minecraft for example I'll drop the recording and FPS only at 60 thank you for solving
  2. jgygghbhjhf


    what i do if when im turning on my virtual camera plugin im getting BSoD how i can reinstall? how i can remove/change?? why my windows 7 computer is crashing??? i need re-install Windows 7????
  3. patball

    Question / Help OBS + YT - how to extract a single comment and show it on the screen?

    Hey guys. I'm making streams on YouTube thru OBS. During streams there are some questions on the chat. Is there any tool or plugin or something which could help me to extract a single comment and show it on the screen? Maybe do u have some tips?
  4. S

    Question / Help Is Twitch having issues, or is it my potato pc

    Hello, I need help i keep having frames drop, rendering issues and such. I change server from auto, Singapore and to Hong Kong After the change of server (which is Hong Kong) it was working fine till it started to drop my FPS on stream Average time to render frames went to 10.3 ms and the...
  5. W

    Question / Help New to Streaming and want to make this hobby the best it can be

    Currently, I reset my whole OBS set up to try and troubleshoot problems, I've been streaming for a month now and am still having problems regarding so many different things, I keep looking up problems online and just get frustrated when I can't find any answers that can help my problem For start...
  6. J

    Question / Help OBS not reaching 60 FPS

    Hello everyone, today I attempted to record a section of gameplay for a trailer. However, the application tells me that it's running in 70-80 FPS, but it definitely feels more like the 40-45 FPS that OBS is telling me. The part that I'm confused about, though, is that it is only using 16-18% of...
  7. S

    Question / Help OBS Crash Error Message Because of DLL file HELP

    I have been battling obs to record some good gameplay for the last month I feel. It is constant issues with graphics drivers and when I fix that, then I can not record good quality content. Im getting an error that I have had previously that says "Whoops, OBS has crashed!" It seems to have an...
  8. D

    Question / Help PLS HELP ♥ My stream lagging / Radeon RX560 Pulse 4Gb OC / LOG IN DESCRIPTION

    Please help me, my stream goes lagging when i click to my game and go fullscreen. My log in description :)
  9. H

    Question / Help Oops. OBS crashed! Please help me!

    Please help me!