Need Help trying to get 8 virtual cams on OBS with the old third party plugin.


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Hi all! I am looking for help with a quite peculiar project. I need to get 8 virtual cams in OBS. all with different sources. i tried seeking help on the OBS Discord, but It seems nobody there can help me currently, although Fenrir said it should be possible. For context, I'm using Playstation Eye Cameras, they're all plugged in via USB to my pc, however, they do not have directshow, so my workaround thus far has been using PSMoveService Test_camera.exe which shows what each camera is seeing as a window. I put each window as a source in OBS and assign a virtual camera for each window camera source. The old plugin only allows up to 4 but I need as many as I can get for my Motion capture project using MocapForAll which is a service that lets you use up to 100 webcams for motion capture. So really, my question is, can anyone help me figure out how to modify the source code of the thirdparty plugin?

I'd be more than happy to private message someone my discord if you think you can help. Please reply if you can help!