Need help. How can I use my Focusrite Clarett+ 4pre in OBS?


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The program only detect the two first preamps but analogs in 3-4 doesn't appear in the program. I manage a podcast and I need to use 3 mics.
That's right, as OBS doesn't currently support multi-channel ASIO driver types, it will only be able to receive audio from the first two inputs of an audio device like a Clarett+ 4Pre. You will need to ensure that you connect your microphone/instrument to Input 1 or 2.
Alternatively, you could create a physical loopback to add audio from additional sources. You can use a ¼-inch jack-to-jack cable to connect a line output on your audio interface directly to a line input on the interface to create a loopback mix.

John // Focusrite UK