NDI Audio from Macbook (Mac to Mac)


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Hey there -

I'm newly getting into OBS and NDI, so forgive me if I'm a little clueless here. I've just installed NDI Tools on my Macbook from which I plan to record video onto my main iMac's OBS. I have the Scan Converter on and running on that Macbook, which is transferring video onto my iMac's OBS perfectly fine. However, the problem lies with the audio.

I am attempting to also run audio from the video on my Macbook to my iMac's OBS through NDI. I was trying to run it through to my airpods as well (so as not to capture that same audio on my main mic where I'm speaking), but no matter what I try, I'm not getting any audio from my NDI source to OBS. I have BlackHole installed on my Macbook, but I've tried different options through MIDI (combinations of Airpods, BlackHole, and NDI Audio) but I can't seem to get anything to work - the video being transmitted to OBS stays silent. I've also tried adding NDI as an audio input.

Does anyone know of any fixes for this? Again, sorry if it's an obvious answer. Thanks!

(I have OBS 30.0.2 and BlackHole 2ch)