mac air

  1. B

    Nintendo Switch/OB game audio trouble

    hi, not tech savvy so here goes: i'm trying to stream games on Twitch from Nintendo Switch with my laptop while viewing on TV, but the game audio isn't working. i have a MacBook Air, OBS, HD60 X and Chat Link Pro. Chat Link Pro is connected to the HD60 X and Nintendo Switch. HD60 X has the...
  2. A

    NDI Audio from Macbook (Mac to Mac)

    Hey there - I'm newly getting into OBS and NDI, so forgive me if I'm a little clueless here. I've just installed NDI Tools on my Macbook from which I plan to record video onto my main iMac's OBS. I have the Scan Converter on and running on that Macbook, which is transferring video onto my...
  3. mad0kill3

    OBS for Mac 30.0.0 doesn't work

    Hello, I just downloaded OBS Studio 30.0.0 to play with my PS5 on my MacBook Air 2020. My configuration is: 1.1 GHz Intel Core i3 dual core; Intel Iris Plus Graphics 1536 MB; 8 GB 3733 MHz; MacOS Sonoma version 14.1.1. When I try to open OBS, this error message appears: Unable to open the "OBS"...
  4. C

    Mac audio output recording issues

    I have had OBS studio for a ~year~ now and everything has worked except for audio output recording, I googled it and set it to default and nothing recorded, I tinkered with my settings, and nothing recorded, I tried using the other option (speaker audio recorder) AND NOTHING RECORDED can someone...