Mac audio output recording issues


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I have had OBS studio for a ~year~ now and everything has worked except for audio output recording, I googled it and set it to default and nothing recorded, I tinkered with my settings, and nothing recorded, I tried using the other option (speaker audio recorder) AND NOTHING RECORDED can someone please help me I just want to react to some stupid dharr mann videos for youtube and its becoming hell.


Do you have an external audio interface, or are you using the system-mic and output?

In Audio Midi Settings app, make sure you have the input sound device you want to record selected.

In OBS>Settings>Audio set it to that device by name for Mic/Aux.

Make sure you're not trying to use ffmpeg AAC; use coreaudio.

If it's all set-up correctly, you should see the meter moving in the Audio Mixer pane of OBS and it should record that signal. If you don't see a 'live' meter, you will not get a recording of audio from OBS.