audio output capture

  1. P

    OBS Doesn't detect output audio

    I've been trying to record some videos but the videos require output adio to be recorded. But whenever I record OBS doesn't record the audio coming from the computer. Could someone please help me fix this?
  2. C

    Mac audio output recording issues

    I have had OBS studio for a ~year~ now and everything has worked except for audio output recording, I googled it and set it to default and nothing recorded, I tinkered with my settings, and nothing recorded, I tried using the other option (speaker audio recorder) AND NOTHING RECORDED can someone...
  3. L

    How to make OBS capture full windows volume despite muted?

    Hi guys, I've recently changed laptop and now I am facing some issues. Previously, was using Windows 10, my OBS is able to capture full volume of the game while having my speaker/headphone (windows volume) set as very low or even muted. Right now, I am using Windows 11 and my OBS is capturing...
  4. T

    No Audio Output Capture From Switch

    SOS! I've tried everything I could possibly think of or search for, but when I record gameplay I still can't hear any audio from my switch. I have the audio input capture all set up, and I can hear the audio through my laptops speakers (macbook air monterey), my headphones aren't plugged in to...
  5. G

    Audio Output Capture Very Loud

    Hi, I'm new, to this forum and to OBS. I want to capture my game play (no mic) but the audio is loud, and maybe noisy? I don't know how to describe it. So I experimented only capturing audio using Audio Output Capture on random YouTube videos and they all turn out to be louder than original...
  6. artificial-Link

    Is there a virtual audio output for recording via OBS?

    Hi, I want to record an application but I dont want to hear the sound the gets played in my headphones but still want it recorded? Is there an easy way to do this? Just to visualize what I mean: I want to record a Zoom Meeting and capture audio and video via OBS. But at the same time I want...
  7. J

    Accidentally recorded using headphone audio not laptop audio

    Hi, I recorded a session and forgot to switch from headphones output to laptop microphone audio output. Is there any way to get the audio or am I out of luck here? The video playback is fine I just cant hear any of the audio. Thanks in advance!
  8. Z

    Even If I Manually muted my Audio Output Capture, My Mic is hearing the Music of YT

    I have this problem for a week and I haven't Stream yet because of it. Even If I manually Muted my Audio Output Capture(Or my Desktop Audio in OBS), When I test my mic for my voice, the mic picks up a faint but a bit loud sound of the music or game audio, even if the Audio Output capture is...
  9. A

    ROCCAT Khan AIMO - OBS Studio doesn't record audio

    Helloy everybody. I have a strange problem with OBS Studio and hope, someone could help me. I have a ROCCAT Khan AIMO Headset with the latest driver and firmware. Since some time OBS can't record the output of this audio device. I've selected it as default output in windows and even when i...
  10. M

    Audio Output Capture - Unable to capture Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 2ndG Outputs

    Hi everyone, I would like to stream a live band video. I have a camera connected via AVerMedia (works fine) + audio signals (musical instruments and microphones) through Focusrite Scarlett 18i20, mixing the music via Pro Tools 2020. In Pro Tools my playback engine is Scarlett. I need to capture...
  11. S

    I couldn't get sound on "Audio Output Capture" channel.

    I have created "Audio Output Capture", but there is silence on the channel. It is possible to listen to the microphone or video intro with sound separately, but it is impossible to hear together in the output channel. Tell me why? Создаю "Захват выходного аудиопотока", но на канале тишина...
  12. S

    Audio output and input coming in one source

    My mic/aux and music that I play on my computer for background music for stream is all coming in one source. I want to decrease the music ( that I play on my computer) volume to half or less so that viewers can hear what I say but since both sources are going to the same place I am not able to...
  13. M

    Question / Help Audio monitoring per scene

    Hi all, Hopefully you can help me with the following 'problem' I'm facing. I'm streaming with OBS (or Streamlabs OBS) and I do have a scene in which I change the media sources quite often. What I want to achieve is the following: I want to hear (and see) my media source on the stream. I want...
  14. Zarb

    Question / Help Audio not being picked up.

    So, no matter what I've tried, whether it be changing things around in my settings, or uninstalling and re-installing OBS, I cannot get it to pick up my audio through either the "Desktop Audio" or the "Audio Output Capture", I have it all set to the correct devices, and nothing has worked. My...