My Stream Starts fantastic, then suddenly starts dropping, reaching 0Kbps and never recovers


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Hi Everyone! So, I'm Not exactly new using OBS, but I never actually had problems before nor did I have to fiddle too much with the Settings, so I don't have much of an Idea either.
Thing is that recently I move to another Neighborhood, and got a new ISP, and so far so good (Sometimes I get frame drops, but only a couple seconds and the Kbps never goes more than half way down) but since Yesterday, I've been having this problem where in some streams a couple seconds after starting other times half an hour later The Kbps just Tanks, never to recover until I restart OBS (And Sometimes not even after that) loosing all connection to Youtube Servers, yet the speedtest claims that That I'm Always on 3ms; 60Mb download and 10Mb upload. I would really appreciate any advice. Thanks :)


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update all drivers from manufacturer site
did you have an VPN server installed ?
00:56:25.495: Game Mode: Off
set it to on

Update Bios / UEFI

look here !

check you internet speed !

is you PC direct conected to the router ?

Thanks! I'll Try all of this and give an update on the situation :)


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Update: So I Updated BIOS, GPU, CPU and the Realtek Internet Drivers, Turned Game Mode ON, Test My Internet speed a couple more times (I'm not Using a VPN, and yes I use my PC connected by ethernet cable) aaaand nothing changes... But some things I Noticed:
_If I don't Run OBS as Administrator the Stream tanks from the very Beginning but if Ran as Administrator it holds for a minute before dying.
_Task Manager claims OBS isn't Using Network at all, like it stops receiving it, yet Internet is working fine (can play online, watch Videos or Streams and just browse in general)

Hope this help someone at helping me xd.