Question / Help Msi GV62 7RD streaming issues.


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I stream on Twitch and on YT with and I stream my FortniteBR game on my MSI GV62 7RD gaming laptop. I want a stream thats at least 480p @20fps (to be honest, i want 720p @30fps) and that my game runs smooth without my game or stream lagging. I'm down to play on 1080p with low setting and 30fps. I have a Intel Core I5 -7300HQ and a Nvidia Geforce GTX 1050TI (mobile) with 8gb RAM and good Proximus internet. (The GTX 1050TI is overclocked in Dragon Center, the build in Msi software) (the Intel core I5-7300HQ is also mobile, because it is a laptop, and i'm down to overclock everything) If i stream, my game laggs and if my game doesnt lagg, my stream laggs. Even my follower alert laggs... (if you want to see how it laggs, you can go to my channel) Can somebody help me with saying how i need to set up my stream settings? You can also watch my previous stream on twitch to see how bad the lagg is.... Sometimes, the lagg is that bad that i have 1 second imput delay and my stream goes at 1 frame every 10 seconds.... So yeah, if you could help me i would appreciate!!! If you want to see the lagg, i can send you a link but i don't wanna do self promo xD.
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