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Move transition 2.3.1


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@Exeldro That's what I ended up doing and it worked perfectly fine for what I was trying. But the sad part about that solution is that I have to know both states in advance and can only move between those two, which limits some of the things you could otherwise do or at least leads to much more complicated setups. The nice thing about the reverse option is that only knowing one state in advance is enough.
But I'll also admit that I sometimes end up trying to do too much and I have ended up with ~100 move filters in a single scene


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I am having a bit of trouble using the Move transition when trying to use a duplicate mirrored source?

I named the original "Game Capture" and the mirrored source "Game Capture Mirror", checked the box for "with the last word removed matches the other source name", however, during the transition, it still "animates" the game capture (trying to do a Blur with an instant replay on top..)

Any suggestions? I am using OBS 26, not sure if that might have "broken things"..?

Thank you!


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Hi Thanks for the great plugin, I use this while I am demonstrating Microsoft Teams to temporarily zoom in on a source in my scene, I have Next Move set to Reverse and Next Move On set to Hotkey. This all works perfect until I forget to reverse the source back before switching the scene, when this happens the source forgets it's original position and I have to go back modify the source manually. Is there a way to lock in the source settings or always have the Move filter restore the source to it's original position?


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Love some of the new features and I'm really glad to be able to use the Move Transition Override to set the delay and endpoint of movements, appearing and disappearing.

However, the way my setup works makes me have to put an override filter on almost every source so I can have the objects * disappear > move > appear * by using the start delay and "end delay" sliders in the filter to speed up a disappearance, delay the movement, speed up the movement, and delay the appearance.

It would be really nice if this could be done globally with the transition itself. The override filter just doesn't have anything to override from the transition, no option to delay matching or non-matching items although you can set everything else about their transitions.


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Dude I have a problem, when i copied the files, even use the installer, and when open the OBS it doesn't show me the move transition, maybe you can see the video and give me a hand to solve this problem


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@Exeldro hey quick bug report and feature request.
Bug: override "transition: none" doesn't do "none" but instead seems to use the current scene transition setting.
Feature: instead of "zoom: yes, no" perhaps "zoom: scale up, scale down, no." Up/down could have values to start at and end at source size.


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I'm really enjoying Move Transition; thanks for all of the work that you're putting into it!

One issue that I'm having: I'm running two videos in a scene that I'm recording. When they resize and/or move, the videos pixelate briefly before they play at full resolution again. Is there any way to fix this?
Would it be possible to add some of the media controls to the default instructions, alongside 'speed' etc? Like triggering the layer to play, pause, restart...
Would be really useful until they are I corporates into websocket


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Hi there

I am trying to get this to work on my MacBook Pro.

I've watched some videos on how to install plugins to OBS on a Mac and they all make use of .so-files which they put directly into the Plugins-folder in the OBS-app contents. But since this download installs a package, I have no idea how to get from there...

The installation succeeds, but I can't seem to find it anywhere after that. Also I don't have the + button under transitions...

Thanks for your help!

Best regards


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Looks like Move Transition is crashing?


Hi Exeldro,
I wrote about the move transition crashing when it was reorganized, and had just sent you an update:

I just got another crash log. To get this, all I did was open OBS, go into my "Zoom" scene which contains the "Move Source" filters and the "Replay Source" filter and started deleting the "Move Source" filters one by one until only the Replay Filter was left at which point it said, "Oops! OBS crashed and offered me a chance to copy the crash log..." after which it hung and needed to be killed.
The crash log is available at this dropbox link: 2020-11-06 11-51-59.txt?dl=0

Also this last week or so, if I just launch OBS and then exit immediately, it will hang most of the time and need to be killed. Don't know if that is related to this.

another UPDATE:
I just removed the replay filter dll and pdb and relaunched OBS.
There was still one more "Move Source" filter that hadn't been deleted (from above comment) and my Replay Source now had "no properties" (because it was removed). I then tried to delete the (move-transition plugin) "Move Source" filter and got another crash... That log is available at this dropbox link: 2020-11-06 12-17-44.txt?dl=0

Maybe this is a problem with the move-transition plugin?



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Hey guys, so i did the Download for Move like i was supposed too, put it in the correct files in x86, and started OBS, and the Add Move transition is not showing up..... Help?