Question / Help Monitor Lag when OBS is open

Chris Messier

New Member
I have changed my encoding to NVENC and have seen a small improvement. I have also noticed that I don't even have to be streaming to get this problem to occur. It is simply just turning on OBS or Streamlabs OBS that causes the screen lag in the game. I try minimizing it and no difference. Again, this only happens with BO4, no other games lags for me.

Issue: My Monitor (Dell 27" 1440p 144Hz Gysnc) is lagging whenever OBS is streaming Black Ops. I do not get this issue when streaming other games.
I have tried changing bit rate down to 3500 and the frames to 30 fps.
My FPS in game is still right around 120.

I have an i7 8700K, 32Gb Ram (3000), and the game is running off an M.2. Asus Strix 1080 8Gb

Just wondering if others have noticed this. I play significantly worse when streaming because of the issue and its making me not want to stream it.