black ops 4

  1. G

    Question / Help Help! Running Beast PC (I think lol) and OBS keeps dropping frames

    Hey All I am new to this. I am trying to record 1080p 60fps gameplay off my Xbox One X with an Elgato HD60 Pro Internal and using OBS. I've been tweaking settings and searching online all day and I can't get OBS to stop dropping frames. The finished product looks terrible while still being HD...
  2. Chris Messier

    Question / Help Monitor Lag when OBS is open

    ***Update*** I have changed my encoding to NVENC and have seen a small improvement. I have also noticed that I don't even have to be streaming to get this problem to occur. It is simply just turning on OBS or Streamlabs OBS that causes the screen lag in the game. I try minimizing it and no...
  3. G

    Question / Help Black ops 4 causing LOW fps on obs

    in every mode obs will be dropped to 10-15 fps ryzen 1700x @ 3.8 16gb ddr4 2333 msi 970 game on a ssd 128gb recording on hdd and os on a m.2 I have no issue with any other game other then this now this issue has only recently appeared ive used both cpu and gpu encoding neither matters...
  4. HotelCharliHill

    Question / Help NDI Source Plugin 2 PC Streaming, Black Ops 4

    Hi everyone, thanks for all your help as usual. Reading threads here led me to NDI Source Plugin so that I could finally stream my 1440p gaming to my streaming PC which is a much older monitor (and AverMedia LGHD2 capture card is limited to 1080p at 60Hz). I'm playing games at 1440p @ 144Hz and...