Question / Help Black ops 4 causing LOW fps on obs

in every mode obs will be dropped to 10-15 fps
ryzen 1700x @ 3.8
16gb ddr4 2333
msi 970
game on a ssd 128gb
recording on hdd
and os on a m.2

I have no issue with any other game other then this

now this issue has only recently appeared
ive used both cpu and gpu encoding neither matters

stream is set to 720p
recording uses gpu at 1080p at a higher refresh rate I use both during rust but not on blops 4

checking drivers make sure its not a corruption


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The majority of your lost frames are coming from rendering lag, which is GPU-related.

Things to look into that cause slowdown:
- Game Bar and Game DVR are both on
- You have looping media sources that are loaded at all times
- You have no fewer than TEN game capture sources in your "LIVE" scene

Past that, you'll likely need to drop your game settings.
I'm getting this while im not streaming or recording so it must be the game abusing the gpu 100%load

game bar and dvr we deactivated
refreshed drivers and rolled back
used it on a fresh scene (tho didnt have a issue before)
media refreshing is movable overlays / scenes (once again no issue before)

and since its affecting obs before streaming or recoding and the game using 50% cpu tops leaves plenty of room
this still means there is a issue which at this point, since ive not had this problem before

I will assume its the game
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