Marcel Gavalier

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Is there option to create mixed content slideshow?

My idea is have one folder on drive where sits all my content: Still graphics like banners and video shorts too.

I want to loop this content with some settings:

1. video played with own audio
2. stills have 30s duration
3. when stills is on the air bring up the volume from background music (can by another scene? source?)

I like to have simple to operate for our volunteers to fill up the lobby slideshow with mixed content. But we dont want silence when image is showed up.

Now we have 2 scenes videos and stills separately because stills needs some background music (feeding it from vlc source).

BUT will be nice to merge those things together to keep ip simple and reliable. I tried some automatisation plugins but i do not achieve what i expect.

Thank you a lot.


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I would have the background music as a global audio source, so it can fade in and out nicely from the Advanced Scene Switcher plugin.
Don't use the VLC source, but have a scene for each individual thing (lots of scenes), with a naming convention that allows these two macros to work:


During the transition, the audio will fade all the way up or all the way down, over 1/2 second. Of course, you can set the desired volume here as well, which overrides whatever you set in the mixer.

The condition is a regular expression (regex) that looks for a scene name starting with "Still - " or "Video - ". When one of those becomes true, the corresponding macro runs.

The "only on change" checkbox is important too. It makes it run once when the condition becomes true, instead of continuously as long as the condition remains true.

Once you have that, you'll want a scene for each "slide", named with the correct prefix for whether it's a video or a still image, and then figure out how to make Adv. SS change slides for you too. (more macros!)

The "brute force" way would be to have a macro for each scene, like this:


But that requires adding and removing macros in addition to adding and removing scenes. Probably not what you want.

Maybe something like this?:

So if you've been on any "Still - " scene for 30 seconds (which won't be true if a video is playing), or if the video has 1/2 second left (which won't be true for a still scene), fade to the next scene over 1/2 second and reset the 30-second still timer.

I think the only thing left to do there is to figure out what that next scene is. I left that part blank for you to fill in. You might explore the different action types to see if one of them works for you, or you might need to ask for help in the Adv. SS discussion thread:

Once that's all set up, all your volunteers will have to do is add scenes, probably by right-click/Duplicating one that already exists for each type and then changing it, and remove them when they get out of date. The macros are set up to be generic, so they don't have to change at all.