Microphone audio issues


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this post is not for me but for a follower of my twitch and I am not sure how to help him so if anyone can help please respond to this- the issue is as follows-

He wants to get into streaming and he did his set up and everything however he noticed whenever he bumps into his desk his microphone pics it up super loud although his microphone is set at the perfect volume of hearing him (Any less you can't hear him- any more he is way too loud) and has tried all he can think off.

does anyone have any suggestions?


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Isolate the mic! This is entirely an acoustic problem, not electronic, as you might have figured out already.

Have the mic on a separate stand from the floor, and be a stickler about not letting it touch the desk that's going to get bumped. Keep enough space that the desk can move as much as it's going to, without EVER touching the mic stand. Likewise for anything on the desk, like screens and speakers and whatever else.

Stage-style, floor-standing, tripod mic stands can be had for really cheap, and they'll last forever if you set them once and just leave them there. If you're a band on tour, you're going to break them all on the first night if they're that cheap, but you're probably not doing that!


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Hey AaronD,
Thank you for your response I have passed it on to him and he will look into separating his mic from his desk.
Thanks again.