obs issues

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    Microphone audio issues

    Hey, this post is not for me but for a follower of my twitch and I am not sure how to help him so if anyone can help please respond to this- the issue is as follows- He wants to get into streaming and he did his set up and everything however he noticed whenever he bumps into his desk his...
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    OBS not reconnecting during live stream drops

    I am reaching out to you because I have been experiencing an issue with your software. During my live streams, I have been getting dropped frequently, and OBS is not reconnecting automatically when this happens. As a result, my streams are being disrupted, and I am losing viewers. I have...
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    Lagging, Stuttering and Frame Lost when recording OBS

    hi i'm facing a new problem on OBS i've tried many settings, lowering down my recording preset. but stuttering still there for comparison i tried recording with nvidia geforce experience and nothing wrong, no stuttering and frame lost my Computer spec R5 3600 RTX3070 Gaming z Trio 32GB Ram...
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    Audio Issues. Sound keeps cutting out.

    Hello. I need help finding a solution to my audio issues when I stream. I streamed a game on pc everything worked great. Then I started streaming on console using my laptop and worked fine until the next few days the audio starts cutting out for a brief second. I looked videos on how to fix the...