Lagging, Stuttering and Frame Lost when recording OBS


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i'm facing a new problem on OBS
i've tried many settings, lowering down my recording preset. but stuttering still there
for comparison i tried recording with nvidia geforce experience and nothing wrong, no stuttering and frame lost

my Computer spec
R5 3600
RTX3070 Gaming z Trio
32GB Ram 3200mhz
recording file on NVME 512gb
1440p 144hz monitor
i'm OBS 28.1.1

what ive tried before
1. I played around with the bitrate of the recording, even with the lowest
2. Running OBS as an administrator, and setting process priority on high. Does not help
3. I tried CBR, VBR and CQP. and the game still stuttering
4. I tried both .MP4 and .MKV but there is no difference in stutters
5. i tried lowering FPS value to 30, no more stuttering, but i need 60fps

Previous Log File :
Current Log File :

If anyone could help me out I would greatly appreciate it, I have no idea what to do at this point.