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    Microphone audio issues

    Hey, this post is not for me but for a follower of my twitch and I am not sure how to help him so if anyone can help please respond to this- the issue is as follows- He wants to get into streaming and he did his set up and everything however he noticed whenever he bumps into his desk his...
  2. D

    Twitch live after 28th of Febraury

    According with you communication on Twitter, Starting from the end of February, It won't be impossible to use Obs to go live on Twitch, unless we use the latest version 27.2 . The latest update is giving me a lot of problems (and I'm not the only one) . What can we do in order to keep using...
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    OBS Studio 27.2 doesn't work - recorded video is dreadful

    Hi, I did the update for OBS Studio 27.2, but it is truly horrible on my PC. Everything is as updated as it can be on my computer. When I installed an older version, all was perfectly fine again. I grabbed this one - 27.1.3 64 bit Is this something others have experienced? Will there be a...