Media (stream) Source not reconnecting


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Im trying a setup where I have a remove RTMP-server (nginx with rtmp-module) that a remove provider streams to. The RTMP-server make as HLS-stream available that I'm using in OBS. The thing is; this remote provider stops the stream every time they have a break, typically from 10 to 45 minutes. During that time, I would like to continue the output stream, displaying a pause message, clock, etc.

The problem is, that when the remove provider stops the stream, OBS is not able to reconnect the stream when its up and running again. If i do changes to the Media Source, it will kinda work, but not before I do a transition (also that makes the media source window zoom into a strange size that does not fit the current window).That means i cannot know that the stream is up and running again, and I have to watch it all the time and know when the stream is back online.

Ive tried to fiddle with the reconnect deplay, but I cannot see any difference. It just doesnt detect that the source is up and running again.


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I'm trying to do the same, and can't find a solution. Already tried changing servers, using loop in vlc source, using rtmp, hls, using multimedia source or VLC source, nothing. Maybe with something that reads the server signaling? but I don't know much about that technologies. If you have any info I would be grateful