Max Audio Buffer & Timestamps issue with OBS!


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Hi everyone,

I've been having so many issues with OBS over the past 2 months, to the point where my streams and recordings are becoming affected and ruined by this.

I've got 2 issues that might be correlated to each other:

  1. My log always has a bunch of these messages: "warning: could not update timestamps for discarded samples." Like a million times over and over again, I cannot find a fix for 2 months now. I don't even know what is means!
  2. My log sometimes shows "Max Audio Buffering". This issue usually occurs if I stream for longer period of time, and I don't know why as I usually game on PS5 and just use OBS on PC, there isn't a heavy load on my PC.
Here are some of my logs attached:

Please any help is appreciated. I have read everything that I could find and no fixes as of now :/


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From the Log Analyzer, which you can get to from my signature:
Audio buffering hit the maximum value. This is an indicator of very high system load, will affect stream latency, and may even cause individual audio sources to stop working. Keep an eye on CPU usage especially, and close background programs if needed.
What's your system load while you're doing this?


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Hi @AaronD thanks for replying.

The system load is very low the entire time even when the max buffer happens, the CPU is never above 15% since I usually game on my PS5. This is why I'm surprised by all of this, I also lowered the encoder settings just to have some headroom but the max audio buffer still happened.

Does it maybe have something to do with the warning messages "warning: could not update timestamps for discarded samples."?

Thank you!