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Markdown Source 0.2.2


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Loving the plugin so far, OBS's gdi text formatting has been broken for years (centering text to be precise), so this is god send.
A suggestion, could you add the option to load a CSS file? that would make updating all the markdown styles way faster :)


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This plugin is incredible for manipulating text, thank you!

One question - is it possible to make the source auto expand to the size of the text entered instead of having to set a height and width? I'd like to set the text dynamically and then use the OBS bounding box options to have the resultant text size itself to the width of a container.



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How i can incert image to source? I will try few metods, оnly the image source from the Internet works. Local pictures don't work :(


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@Kasseopey that is something that seems to be in the browser source used. You can remote debug the browser source by starting obs with the --remote-debugging-port=9222 launch parameter
Hello! Sorry for the long response, I was busy with other things
I will try useing native markdown
Markdown (GitHub flavored):
...and this is what I received in response

The first version of the spelling was broken, but all the others were successful
But ...

Any version - both markdown and HTML - returns this error. I tried different file locations, different file names - the result does not change
The only condition under which the image works is if it is located on the web


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This is exactly the plugin I've been needing, thanks so much!

Could you incorporate a separate dock for the Markdown for faster/cleaner editing without opening Properties every time you need to edit text? Maybe also include the ability to change font size and use a white background w/ black font (for the dock).

I'm wanting the text I type to show as I'm typing which can be accomplished if using Markdown Source > Text but using Properties is inconvenient for several reasons since editing the text is so central to my setup. It's much better to use Markdown Source > File but it only updates upon saving the .md file. I tried to find a way to make Notepad++ auto-save very quickly to simulate this but it's shortest time is 1 minute and it still wasn't an ideal solution.


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@TMBGeeks with the Source Dock plugin you can edit the text in a dock. Is that what you want?

Yes, thanks, I didn't see the Text Input option, I'm still learning Source Dock. So I guess it would be a Source Dock feature request for the option to change font size and white background/black font (while maintaining overall OBS dark theme) on the Text Inputs.