Make OBS More Friendly To Screen Readers


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I'm visually impaired, low vision. I use OBS visually on Windows, but, in one oportunity. I had to use OBS with NVDA. Worked, not so friendly, but was possible.

My notebook is a Mac, that I prefer to use wen don't need my eyes, and using screen reader.

In the Mac, OBS, has serious problems. I can access the butons to start/stop streaming and recording.

But the scenes and sources area, are unacessible. VoiceOver, reads the places to scenes and sources. but to access then, first I have do pass by start/stop stream and recording buttons.

After, VoiceOver, just read butons to up/down elements, I did not fin a way to add scenes sources, and navegate bethwen then.

If the Mac version works like windows version, will be fine.