MacBook As “Remote Device”


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Hello all! I appreciate the help!

I have success running OBS on my PC but not so much my MacBook as it tends to be overloaded from everything.

I’m looking to stream around the house with a microphone plugged into the MacBook, use my phone camera as a browser camera and send all this to the PC remotely which would be handling the stream of OBS.

Can I use my MacBook as a “remote device” with capability to control the stream in this way? Ideally I would do everything on the MacBook but as mentioned it can’t seem to handle everything.

I hope that makes sense, any help is highly appreciated!


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What phone do you have? I suspect this would be better suited for a phone app that "just does that", and OBS can pick it up.

I like IP Webcam for Android:
Point a regular web browser (not in OBS yet) to the URL that the app gives you, and sort that out first. Make the standalone browser do what you need it to do, then copy the modified URL that the browser came up with, into a browser source in OBS.

For example, silent video would simply add /video to the end of the http://... version. (not https://... - you'll probably get security errors with that one and so it probably won't work) It'll do audio too, but I've never used it that way.

There's probably something similar for iPhone, that gives you exactly the same result, but of course works differently enough that no 'Droid user can help you with it. :-/