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Local Stream Marker 1.8


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I appear to have fixed it by editing two lines.
Line 23, by changing the default value of frame rate from 30 to 60.
Line 206, inside the get_framerate function, by just setting it to 60 rather than the previous code of
framerate = video_info.fps_num / video_info.fps_num
which, and I know very little of this, seems to always result in a value of 1, which would explain the massively large timestamps. I have also redownloaded the file attached in this thread just to make sure its the current code available, and it is. Perhaps something here can be changed to something better than a hardcoded value of 60 for it to work with the intended effect.
Hey, thanks for pointing out line 206. I was a dumdum and didn't realize I made a typo. That's supposed to be fps_num / fps_den (numerator divided by denominator). Fixed!


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Hi Honganqi and others. Thanks for making this script. Really helpful for me when editing my friend's videos.

I'd like to make a request - if possible of course. Me and my friend uses Streamdeck's (Elgato and Razer's competitive device) and notice that this script is strictly using keybinds. Is there a way to make this work with streamdecks?

This is more if a "if this is an easy implementation, please consider putting it in", but if not then we're perfectly fine with using keybinds. Just wanted to ask the question is all.

Thanks again :)

I looked at my Elgato software and there is a selection for "hotkey" under the "system" category. Should do the trick.

Kept my comment up in case anyone wanted to know as well. This seems a perfect run around.
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honganqi updated Local Stream Marker with a new update entry:


  • Added an "Marker end" function with its own hotkey. Thanks, EmKeii!
  • Added 3 new columns to the CSV file to accommodate the above: Stream End Mark Timestamp, Recording End Mark Timestamp, and Recording File End Mark Timestamp
  • Added the "CSV Filename" field to enable the use of custom filenames.
  • Added the ability to add dynamic date info to the custom filename with "Datetime Format". Add "[date]" to the custom filename to use this. e.g. "my-first-csv [date]"...

Read the rest of this update entry...


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v1.8 adds 3 new columns. If you're still going to use your CSV files from before v1.8, please note that the columns will not be aligned.

History of CSV columns

Date TimeStream StartStream TimestampStream End Mark TimestampRecording Full PathRecording FilenameRecording TimestampRecording End Mark TimestampRecording Timestamp on FileRecording End Mark Timestamp on File

v1.7 - v1.4
Date TimeStream StartStream TimestampRecording Full PathRecording FilenameRecording TimestampRecording Timestamp on File

v1.3 and earlier
Date TimeStream StartStream TimestampRecording FilenameRecording Timestamp


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I swear this isn't an ad I just thought this was so cool I had to share something I found that makes your already wonderful tool even more useful:
You can use Markerbox to import the values of the CSV file directly onto your Premiere timeline, no manual input needed! It will create all the markers for you just using a copy/paste of the timestamp column.
Check out the video here for a demo:

Also I wanted to ask if there could be a way to add more hotkeys with different titles associated with them? So Hotkey 1 marks it as "Highlight" and Hotkey 2 marks that row as "Raid"? You could use Markerbox to import different colored markers this way.