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OBS Lua Local Stream Marker 1.4

  • Added a column named "Recording Path" in the created CSV file which includes the full path of the recording
  • Added a column named "Recording Timestamp on File" in the created CSV file. This will only differ from the "Recording Timestamp" column if the Automatic File Splitting function is enabled and used.
  • If the Automatic File Splitting function was enabled and used, the "Recording Path" and "Recording Filename" column now shows the new path and filename of the new file.
  • The "Recording Filename" column in the CSV file is now the actual filename of the recording and also includes the path. I forgot to indicate before that this was simply based on the default syntax or format of OBS.
  • MAJOR: Fixed the issue where the script has erroneous timestamps when used
  • Fixed the issue where 2 rows of column headers are created instead of just 1
  • Changed the Output Folder textbox to a Directory textbox to allow the user to browse to a folder instead of manually typing the path (thanks to JEJ)
  • Fixed bug where if the specified path doesn't work, the script fails to create or modify the CSV file in the scripts folder