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Very simple. Looking for a plugin or tool to show live chat on stream, similar to what Streamlabs offers, but for a streaming site that is not supported by any of the apps yet. (Piczel!) I sometimes also stream from Picarto so some type of adaptibility would be great.

Restream does not offer this for Piczel, I know they offer it for Picarto but the whole setup didn't seem to work.
I am however primarily looking to stream my chat live from Piczel to stream.

I have set up a window recording for a popup chat right now as a band aid solution, but would rather have a plug/tool so I could customize it more.


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This is over a year late, but whatever.
I found this thread while searching for a solution myself, didn't find anything, so ended up making a solution instead.

It's not a plugin or anything, but you'll need to add a Browser source to your scene. Set up the width and height that you want and for the URL you'll need to go into your streaming page and pop out the chat. That will open a new window with a URL, which should be something like "[your username]". Just copy and paste that into your URL.

This will open the Browser source, but instead of your chat, there'll be a box that wants you to type in a username. Right click on your Browser source and click "Interact", it should be near the bottom of the list. This will open a window where you can click with your mouse and use your keyboard to interact with the webpage content. Just type in something like OBS and hit "Enter" on the keyboard. The chat should load up at this point. One thing I could see that would prevent this is if you have your chat set up to not allow new users or anonymous users in chat. In that case, you can try logging in as well. The first method worked for me personally.

After that, it's just setting up how you want your chat to appear on your stream. Unfortunately this method will most likely require you to set up things each time slightly, but unless someone makes an actual plugin or the website changes how it works, I don't really see a workaround.

Hope this helps anyone stuck in the same situation.


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Also if you want to remove the background color of the chat to integrate it into your own theme, right click on the source, click Filters. Under "Effect Filters" add a "Colour Key" and set the Key Colour Type to Custom Colour. That will let you pick a screen color. After that just set the Similarity and Smoothness to 1 and it'll be transparent for whatever backgrounds you might want to use. Crop out whatever you don't need.