live chat

  1. K

    Live Youtube chat showing up as dots

    I came across this issue while live streaming on Youtube where the live chat appears as dots and only become messages again when the element is refreshed. I use the Browser element to display the live chat and I have a custom CSS code to customize it. I am using the latest version of OBS (OBS...
  2. Hukk4

    Live chat on screen

    Very simple. Looking for a plugin or tool to show live chat on stream, similar to what Streamlabs offers, but for a streaming site that is not supported by any of the apps yet. (Piczel!) I sometimes also stream from Picarto so some type of adaptibility would be great. Restream does not offer...
  3. wimpy

    Free Redirect YouTube Live Chat 0.1.0

    Redirect YouTube Live Chat A simple Python server that redirects to a YouTube channel's most recent live chat. This script is primarily intended to run as a local server that can be embedded as multiple browser sources or Browser Docks in OBS Studio. The server will redirect to the most recent...