Lifecam 720HD Grey-No Capture


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Hey couldn't find a thread for this issue and have tried a few troubleshooting and alternatives.

Camera light is on and it works fine in discord and other software, capture feedback and all.

OBS runs off my NVIDIA GPU, not the intel.
I have quit other applications, capture processes, and made sure it wasn't being used by other softwares - ran obs fresh after a restart.
I have cleared dead HID/USB/Image capture devices from Device Manager. Have tested other USB ports.
I have uninstalled and reinstalled and updated the driver for Lifecam Cinema.
I have matched, automated and manually set settings to match between Video Output and the camera.

Winver: 19041.985

Camera Properties: microsoft life cam obs.jpg

Any help is appreciated! Thanks :D


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Under the RESOLUTION setting select CUSTOM.. That should allow you to pick your settings
That may work...