Level in recording louder than level shown in Audio Mixer and VST Filter monitoring


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Trying to figure out what I'm missing. All audio is routed via Wave Link to a single input capture, Wave Link Stream. To that Wave Link Stream input capture, I apply two VST Filters: an EQ and a Compressor/Limiter. The Comp/Limiter (TDR Limiter 6) has a loudness meter and true peak meter built-in, and I've also added Youlean Loudness Meter which provides loudness monitoring and true peak monitoring, which agrees with TDR Limiter 6. I'm aiming for ~-14 LUFS, and a true peak maximum of about -0.7dB. Which I hit per both VST plugins applied to the audio. I also never see the Audio Mixer (displaying the Wave Link Stream input) peak out.

However, when I record (and presumably when I stream?) the audio out is substantially higher in both loudness and true peak values, as also measured by Youlean (applied to the output file, and to the audio played back in a player). I'm sitting at about -9 LUFS, for a gain of about 5 LUFS, and am hitting a 1.2dB true peak max.

I don't see anywhere that my audio would be doubling, and in AdvancedAudio Properties only my Wave Link Stream input capture is being applied to Track 1 (which is my stream output). I'm recording all the unmodified individual Mic/Game/etc. tracks that are in the scene but they're all on tracks 2-6. I'm also not applying any volume game in Advanced Audio Properties.

I even verified this with a short snipped of very "simple" audio (just some well-mixed music sitting at about -30 LUFS), rather than with all my inputs applied. Same thing, approximately 5-6 LUFS louder, at 24 LUFS.

So, what am I missing here? Is there an obvious reason why my audio recording would have that much gain added over the "live" metering, both the Audio Mixer in OBS and the metering in the VST plugins being applied to the input capture?


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Aaaand sometimes you know just enough to think you know what you're doing.

I'd added my stream mix to my raw webcam feed, to do some audio sync testing. Didn't remove it. That feed is brought in as a nested scene, so...yeah. Doubled audio. Don't mind me, I'm just a dumb dumb. I can't find the button here to edit the thread and mark it [SOLVED]. But it's solved.


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Hey, you solved it and responded here... that puts you many steps ahead of most, and is appreciated by the rest of us.
Good look with your streaming/recording