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League of Legends Scene Switcher


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so for me, i have Client one focus ( contains images around the client)
when its not, i also have client one to be shown

same with champion select and post game lobby;
now, in loading screen, i have it to show loading slide
in game: to show the game
on victory, to go back to client1
tabbed outof game, will keep streaming the game


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whats happening is loadingscreen shows client 1, in game shows client one, but when i alt tab, it shows the game for a split second, and goes back to client one

EDIT::: Its working , but loading screen doesnt go to loading screen(scene), just skips to the GAME(scene)
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Your setup is working fine for me and i'm sure it does for you too. However as you don't want the scene to change when you tabout, you probably want this setup:
(but with your own league of legends path ofc)


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Hello , I have a question.
I'm taiwanese , and my game path is different with your game path . I've tried so many folders,but it still show me not a valid league of legends folder , how can I use it ? pls help me!


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I can't find this folder in my game folder .
I think it's removed by a game update.

forgive my poor english :D

Edit :: OK , I find this folder and works , thank you :D


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Hello , Sphere :

I can't switch scene correct , and here is my LolSceneSwitcher.log

INFO | Loaded LolSceneSwitch v0.2 Alpha 8
INFO | LolSceneSwitch::StartMonitoring
INFO | GetProcessByName | Found process 'LolClient.exe'
ERROR | GetProcessByName | Couldn't open process 'LolClient.exe'
| GetLastError | ''
INFO | GetProcessByName | Found process 'League of Legends.exe'
ERROR | GetProcessByName | Couldn't open process 'League of Legends.exe'
| GetLastError | ''
INFO | LolSceneSwitch::EndMonitoring

How could I fix it?

p.s. I has updated to alpha 11


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Hey man! Really appreciate this. However, is there something I can do about tabbing out? I tab out of client often while in champ select etc. so it keeps swapping scenes can I fix this at all to focus on the client when i'm tabbing out in champ select so my scene doesn't keep switching.


Got it, I'm dumb. It was the client loses focus
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