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League of Legends Scene Switcher


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Do the log files include the currently played champion, and could it then be expanded to read what these are? Suggestion for including it in the setting would be to have a default scene for champions without a user-specified scene, then a drop-down menu with all champions. When a champion is selected, they all start with having their setting on "default", to show they're using the default scene, followed by being able to select a specific scene for each map for the selected champion.

Also, an option would then need to be added as "Champion specific" for the in-game scene choice.


The log files don't. It would be possible to do a lot more stuff (including what you're suggesting) with the new current_game API that Riot released, but atm i'm busy with other things. If anyone wants to work on it feel free to do what you want with the code.


Have the same scene switch problem. Plugin doesn't recognize in game atm. Client and loading is working. However even if you are in game it thinks it is loading screen.


i dont know why you changed all the texts inside plugin... now is very complicated to understand what how line do.


Well i added new functionality and had to rearrange the layout for that. Imo it's clearer than before. Which part do you not understand?


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I recently started using this program but after Patch 5.12 happened, the load screen piece will come up during load screen, then it won't switch to my in-game selection when the game loads stays on the Load Screen setting. I am wondering if they changed anything in the log files for this to happen because the first day I used it, it worked great. Anyone else having problems? Or any way to fix this?

I have tried:
32 and 64 bit
Running as admin
Reinstalling the plugin
Restarting my computer/OBS
Setting to the "Maps" section and seeing if that would work for some reason.

It's not a super big deal, as I can just make it my in-game overlay during the load just looks ugly and amateur :/

Thanks in advance :) And let me know if there's anything I can do to better explain or help with my problem :D


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I'm on EUW and the loadscren scene works but when I get in game it doesn't change and stays at the loadscreen scene until i quit the game.


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Another option is to use a "quad splitter" typically used for security systems. They are a lot cheaper because they only cut from camera to camera - not crossfade or do other scene transistion stuff. They usually come in 4, 8, 9 and 16 channels... And you'll probably want to get the audio separately so it does not "move" everytime a different camera is selected.

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Does anyone have an idea as to why 'Champion Select' doesn't work? Everything else working as intended.

Thank you!

p.s. Awesome plugin. :)


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v0.2 Alpha 10 doesn't work for me either. It switches from Client to Loading screen but it doesn't switch to the ingame scene afterwards.