Question / Help Laggy Recordings and Stream with V-Sync Enabled


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Hi there,
I have found an issue in which only occurs for OBS and not my other capture software and was wandering if there is a solution to this issue. No matter what game I play I have found that if I disable V-Sync in a game OBS gets lagged frames and will skip a large portion of them (10%). However if I enable V-Sync the game records perfectly and streams well with no issues. I was wandering if there is a way for me to overcome this and allow me to disable V-Sync and have no lagged frames?

Also I have tried different presets and resolutions/frame rates but none of them seem to make a difference, only the V-Sync does.
Title was suppose to be: Laggy Recordings and Stream with V-Sync Disabled



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Just cap the ingame fps to the same framerate, that you are recording and set ingame details accordingly, so the GPU load stays under 95%. This way you get the same frame cap as vsync does, but without the additional input lag that vsync introduces.
If the system is powerful enough, you could also use multiples of your OBS recording framerate for the ingame limit.
Example: OBS is set to 60fps
- limit your ingame fps to 60 or 120 or 180 and make sure the GPU load is not maxxed out