Question / Help Lag with CamLink44/GoPro 7 Black


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I'm new to OBS and streaming. I purchased a gopro for the purpose of live streaming. I was advised I needed to get a CamLink 4K and use it as a capture card. When I hooked everything up, the video quality looks great but there is a lag or video delay in the video. This is before recording, its just the preview in OBS. I counted the lag, its about 1.7 millisec after I perform an action. The recording is worse than the actual preview.I tried lowering the resolution on the webcam to 1280x720p but the video does not show up if i change those settings, it seems the gopro will only accept 1920x1080p. I'm desperately trying to rectify this issue.

Here is my log and a screenshot of my webcam settings in OBS, please advise on what I can do to rectify this:, also would increasing my internet speed helps. RIght now my upload speed is 3.7:

Thanks so much for helping me


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