Lag/Rendering Stalls on High End Computer


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I have a (on the higher side) powerful computer. But I am experiencing rendering stalls/lags on both NVENC & x264. My specs, posted below. As well as a log file. The lag usually occurs when only the game is visible, (windowed full screen & full screen), and I have been testing on Valorant.
  • Ryzen 9 3950x
  • RTX 2080 Super
  • 64 GB 3600 RAM
  • 1tb nvme ssd
Thanks for any help!

Log File

Note: I am trying to render/encode at 60FPS, with Lanzcos downscaling from 3840x2160 -> 2560x1440. CBR Bitrate at 40000 kbps


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How does one run OBS as admin? Thanks.
Right-click -> "Run as administrator"

Doesn't work as well as I hoped it to. Stutters still occuring.
You'll most likely need to reduce your in-game settings, specifically limiting your framerate so your GPU has room to run processes outside the game (i.e. make sure you can easily hit around 70+ fps at all times, then enable v-sync or cap your framerate at 60fps).

If you still have issues after limiting framerate, post another log file with the results.