Question / Help Lag issue when trying to stream video call overlay with a display capture


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Hey question.. So I have a 16" macbookpro with catalina 10.15.3 with OS 24.0.6 and Im trying to Live stream a video call while having a display capture up so its basically a window capture from discord video call top right and my own camlink from a nikon in to my macbook (so two windows) overlayed on top of an LG monitor display capture but the window capture from discord turns into a laggy out of synch mess when I try this . I did have to use a program called Loopback just to get the audio from the desktop and the discord to pipe into OBS but how can I fix this laggy video issue when the call seems fine on discord itself? this lag also happens in OBS itself NOT just to the stream please help THANK YOU IN ADVANCE!