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    Non-Free - The Best Way to Bring Remote Guests into OBS

    Content creation is hard. Creating with your friends is even harder. We built Ping to make bringing on guests as easy as copy-pasting into OBS. Create your room To get started, sign up for your trial on Ping The URL you choose during setup is the URL you'll be sending to guests to join your...
  2. Syntic_Entertainment

    Putting video call sources separately in OBS

    Greetings Lads, I was wondering if there's a way for me to get people's Face-cams from a video call into OBS so that I can move and resize them completely separate from one another instead of having, for example, Discord as a whole window in it. Like, is there a separate program that I can use...
  3. R

    Semi-free schwercraft 1.0

    schwercraft is the first software to enrich all live video, a video call or a stream, with broadcast like functionality such as camera pans, sophisticated zooms, realtime source switching, dynamic interactive content and full playback control - all wrapped up into one unique software. There is...
  4. L

    Question / Help Lag issue when trying to stream video call overlay with a display capture

    Hey question.. So I have a 16" macbookpro with catalina 10.15.3 with OS 24.0.6 and Im trying to Live stream a video call while having a display capture up so its basically a window capture from discord video call top right and my own camlink from a nikon in to my macbook (so two windows)...