kb/S drop when I open a game


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Hi, I don't speak English very well, so I will probably correct this text with a translator. When I open the OBS and turn on normal stream, just capturing my desktop the kb/S are stable at 6000, but when I open a game like fortnite, minecraft or League of Legends, the kb/S go between 0 and 100. I would like to know how to fix that, I already uninstalled the OBS completely including the configuration and reinstalled it. Could you help me, thank you very much!


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Probably your computer isn't powerfull enough.
Please restart OBS and perform a test stream/recording for more than 30 seconds doing as you normally do, including playing games, full camera or whatever you normally do.
Now look inside Help menu. Upload the current log file and paste the url to the log in here. Click on the Analize button to start troubleshooting common issues.


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It's not the power of my computer since I had previously run normal games, but it was two days ago that it started to go like this. I will try to test it. Thanks